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Product Information
M Type | Trusted FD Brand Easy-to-install Grout-injection Coupler with Assured Performance and Ideal for Prefabricated Construction Methods
The M Type is a grout-injection type mechanical coupler that uses a high-toughness steel sleeve and high performance grout to ensure more than sufficient coupler strength and rest-assured quality.
Designed to be easy to install, the M Type is perfectly suited for prefabricated construction methods such as cast-in-place pilings as well as building columns and beams.
”The Building Center of Japan-Performance Standards for Steel Couplers ?Class A
”Japan Society of Civil Engineering-Steel Coupler Guidelines ?(2007 Edition) Class A
”Demonstrated performance in high-cycle repeated fatigue testing (2 million times)
M Type couplers are structurally best suited for following job site applications.
” Vertical bars and hooped bars on continuous underground walls
” Cast-in-place reinforced concrete pilings for all types of civil engineering and building projects
” Reinforced concrete structural beams and precast rebar cage beams
” Hooped bars during seismic reinforcement work on bridge footings